Gas Sensor
Gas Sensor

Wall Mount CO2 Transmitters – T5100 Series | Telaire

The Telaire T5100 Series offers low cost, high performing CO2 transmitters for the building controls market.

Características e Benefícios

Patented, Absorption Infrared Gas sensing engine provides high accuracy in a compact low cost package.

Patented ABC Logic™ self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications.

Lifetime CO2 calibration guarantee when using ABC Logic™.

Mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks provide quick, easy wiring.

Gas permeable, water resistant CO2 diffusion filter prevents particulate and water contamination of the sensor.

Locking screw secures cover and sensor to the mounting bracket for tamper resistance.

Sensors are shipped factory calibrated.

Modern enclosure


Reliable (20 years of low-cost infrared sensor manufacturing)

Available output options: Voltage 0-10V or 0-5V (jumper selectable) Or current 4-20 mA

UIP software compatible for customizations

CE, RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant

Lifetime calibration warranty

Two enclosure sizes for regional acceptance


Wall Mount CO2 Transmitters – T5100 Series | Telaire

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