Board Level Connectors
Board Level Connectors

UHD Connectors

Amphenol’s Ultra High Density (UHD) interconnect packaging solution combines high interconnect density (80 contacts per linear inch) and design flexibility with proven technologies to meet a wide range of advanced, high reliability packaging requirements. It is well suited for all military and aerospace programs. The foundation of the UHD connector is a downsized version of the proven MIL-C-28859 tuning fork and MIL-C-28754 blade contact technologies. The UHD connector packages 396 contacts with two mounting attachments into the SEM-E format, using an eight rob 0.100″ X 0.050″ staggered grid to optimize trace routing through the backplane.

Características e Benefícios

* Temperature Range: -65°C to +125°C
* Current Rating (individual contact): 2 amps DC at 25°C
* Current Rating (multiple contacts): 1 amp DC at 25°C
* Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DQV): 600V (RMS) at 60 Hz
* Insulation Resistance: 1,000 Megohms
* Contact Resistance: 30 milliohms maximum
* Contact-to-Backplane Retention Force: 3 lb. minimum
* Contact Life (durability): 500 cycles
* Contact Engagement Force: 2.25 ounce maximum average
* Contact Normal Force: 1.0N (3.53 ozf) average
* Contact Wipe Length: 0.053 inch minimum


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UHD Connectors

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