Flex Products
Flex Products

Type 4 Rigid Flex Book Binder

A circuits consisting of more than two copper conductor layers that are interconnected through Plated-Through-Holes (PTH’s) or Via’s creating electrically active circuitry on all conductor layers. The flexible layers are integral to the “rigidized” layers and both the PTH’s or Vias are plated through the rigid and flex areas; the flex-layers are built with a controlled progression to enhance flexibility.

Características e Benefícios

* Cost effective and lightweight
* Ease of assembly as circuit 1 and 1,000 are built with the same tooling guaranteeing reproducibility
* By incorporating PCB and Flex into one design there are less points of failure as well as creating a smaller interconnect area
* Military and IPC Specification qualified
* Short Bend Radius
* High-layer count Rigid Flex that meets the needs of a tight bend radius
* Full Turnkey Assembly solutions are available including all methods of Soldering, Potting, Conformal Coating, and Electrical Test

Type 4 Rigid Flex Book Binder

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