Flex Products
Flex Products

Type 3 Multi-Layer Flex

A circuits consisting of more than two copper conductor layers (typically less than 10) that are interconnected through Plated-Through-Holes (PTH’s) or Via’s creating electrically active circuitry on all conductor layers.

Características e Benefícios

* Cost effective and lightweight
* Ease of assembly as circuit 1 and 1,000 are built with the same tooling guaranteeing reproducibility
* Military and IPC Specification qualified
* Through holes are “supported” as they are plated through creating a more reliable solder-joint
* A four layer circuit (two active layers and two ground planes) are a very common construction for 100-ohm differential impedance pairings
* Full Turnkey Assembly solutions are available including all methods of Soldering, Potting, Conformal Coating, and Electrical Test

Type 3 Multi-Layer Flex

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