Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor

Tire Pressure Sensor – NPX1 | NovaSensor

The NovaSensor NPX1 Tire Pressure Sensor represents the next-generation Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring (RTPM). NPX1 integrates a silicon pressure sensor, 8-bit RISC processor and a LF-input stage to meet market demands for flexible, customer specific behavior/solutions and overall system cost reduction. The programmable version of this sensor is available for development purposes, allowing the customer to download the application code in an electrically programmable EEPROM version.

This tire pressure sensor is intended for developing the application specific program. In order to ensure high reliability, the NPX1 sensor has the measurement routines (pressure, temperature, and supply voltage) implemented in ROM.

Características e Benefícios

* 12 bit ADC

* 4k byte flash (E-ROM)

* 2k ROM for user application

* 128 byte RAM

* 128 byte EEPROM

* Battery management—minimizing power consumption

* Measure and compensate pressure, temperature, and battery voltage

* Media compatibility with tire pressure media

* 450, 700, and 1400 kPa absolute pressure ranges

* On chip temperature sensor

* On chip temperature shut down

* Custom ranges available


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Tire Pressure Sensor – NPX1 | NovaSensor

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