Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor Module – ZTP-315MIH | Thermometrics

Thermometrics ZTP-315MIH Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor Module is used for non-contact surface temperature monitoring. It presents temperature-compensated single outputs via voltage output with optics (glass lens for high temperature detection). It can also provide compatibility with the customer’s device without the need for recalibration. The ZTP-315MIHuses 3-wire connections for output signal, single power supply and ground. The field of view is approx ±9 degrees for 50% normalized output with a total size is only 33 mm X 17 mm.

Características e Benefícios

* High temperature measurement

* Single module

* Ambient temperature (thermistor) sensor included for compensation

* Fully calibrated and compensated

* Analog output


Industrial Medical Safety & Security Systems
Thermopile Infrared (IR) Sensor Module – ZTP-315MIH | Thermometrics

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