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Temperature Sensor

Thermistor NTC Assemblies – AB6 Series | Thermometrics

The Thermometrics NTC Type AB6 Series Thermistor Assemblies consist of small thermobeads and GCs (chip-in-glass) that are welded to insulated extension leads. Thermobead and GC assemblies are used where a small thermistor must be further connected to longer leads, and for applications requiring fast response measurements in confined spaces.

The thermobeads or GC (chip-in-glass) are hermetically sealed in glass and have fine diameter 0.0007 in to 0.004 in (0.01778 mm to 0.1016 mm) platinum alloy leads. The platinum leads are cut short and welded to insulated extension leads and the joints are covered in one of several insulation types, depending upon the application or environment. The assembly is then ready for insertion into hypodermic needles, catheters or other small housings that require extended leads.

Características e Benefícios

* Fast response in confined spaces

* Easy insertion

* Added leads and insulation allow for handling in further assembly operations

* Unaltered electrical characteristics in the assembly


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Thermistor NTC Assemblies – AB6 Series | Thermometrics

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