RF Connectors
RF Connectors

SMPS Series

SV’s SMPS design is capable of frequencies exceeding 100 GHz. Being 45% smaller than the SMP and 30% smaller then the SMPM, the SMPS is ideal for dense packaging in multiport applications. The SMPS also has a low interface height making it an excellent choice for board-to-board applications using a bullet design. Current configurations include male and female cable connectors, board mount, edge launch and the female bullet. The male interface is available in smooth bore for easy mating or detent for female retention. Directly compatible with the G3PO interface, the SMPS has low VSWR of 1.12 to 50 GHz for the female bullet while allowing for .010” of radial and axial misalignment. The smooth bore design will mate and demate a minimum of 500 cycles and the detent design is capable of 100 cycles minimum.

Características e Benefícios

* 45% smaller than the SMP and 30% smaller then the SMPM
* 100 GHz capability
* Full detent and smooth bore
* Smaller than Gore 100, equivalent to G3PO
* PCB mount connectors, cable connectors, cable assemblies, adapters and more readily available through distribution

SMPS Series

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