Filtered & Sealed Rectangular
Filtered & Sealed Rectangular

SD308 – Sealed D-Sub Connectors

The SD308 series of D-Subminiature connectors is designed specifically for applications where advanced sealing is required. These connectors have unique sealed bodies and blind inserts to meet stringent immersions requirements. Along with these sealing techniques, a special flange to incorporate a sealing gasket can provide additional sealing from connector to chassis.

Características e Benefícios

* One-piece machined aluminum shell
* Screw machine contacts
* Hi-grade thermoplastic inserts
* Integrated blind panel mounts
* Supplied with conductive panel seal gasket
* Mates with MIL-DTL-24308 D-Subs


C4ISR Ground Sytems & Vehicles Military Aircraft Naval Soldier Systems Unmanned Systems
SD308 – Sealed D-Sub Connectors

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