Board Level Connectors
Board Level Connectors

Ruggedized VME64X

Amphenol Aerospace developed the Ruggedized VME64X connector in response to the military trend toward VME and the utilization of “COTS” boards and chassis. Many ruggedized VME cards still use the standard VME “COTS” connector interface which can fail in harsh, demanding environments. Amphenol Aerospace Ruggedized VME64X interconnects mount to standard VME64X cards and backplanes providing superior performance under shock and vibration negating the fragility of standard COTS VME connectors.

Características e Benefícios

* Metal shells – Mount directly to standard VME card mounting holes, providing support and protection to the inserts in the module and additional stiffness to the backplane
* ESD protection – Metal shells create a faraday cage preventing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) into the contacts (module connector only)
* Robust contact system
* 2MM P0 connector designed to transmit hi-speed, diffential signals
* 3 module inserts in one unified shell… connector replaces three.
* Thru-hole solder tail or solderless termination is available on the backplane connector


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Ruggedized VME64X

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