High-Speed Connectors
High-Speed Connectors

Rugged Ethernet RJ45 Solutions

Our Rugged RJ45 connectors offers a wide range of solutions, ranging from reverse bayonet, push-pull, bayonet, threaded and lever coupling configurations in both plastic and metal material, giving customers the flexibility of choosing the best solution for their application. All versions allow you to transform any RJ45 standard cordset into a rugged connector in 30 seconds, without tools.

Características e Benefícios

* Metal versions: RJFTV & RJF
* Composites: RJF RB; 544; EZ
* Cable Assemblies
* Cables & Cordsets
* Fiber Optic versions
* Other RJ 45 Solutions
* USB 3.0, 2.0, USB-B


Avionics C4ISR Commercial Aircraft Ground Sytems & Vehicles Military Aircraft Missiles & Missile Defense Naval Soldier Systems
Rugged Ethernet RJ45 Solutions

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