Mil-Spec Derivatives
Mil-Spec Derivatives

RNJLP – Rack and Panel Low Profile

The RNJLP rack and panel connectors are designed to connect electrical devices between a moving unit (rack) and a fixed unit (panel). The locking of the mating pair is ensured by the mechanical device of the rack. These connectors with realignment capability were designed for harsh environment, with a low profile design allowing a short distance between the two panels. This is a big benefit for the systems where space is an issue. RNJLP are primarily designed for avionic/military and advanced industrial applications.

Características e Benefícios

* Rack & Panel solutions for harsh environment
* Very light weight vs ARINC 404 or 600
* Derived from 38999 series III (RNJLP)
* Realignment capability on 3 axis
* 38999 level sealing with the specific membrane mounting
* Same panel distance as the ARINC 404

RNJLP – Rack and Panel Low Profile

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