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Digital Network Solution

RJF TV – Transversally Sealed

In some applications, a transversal sealing for the receptacle is a must. This will prevent fluids and dust from going through the receptacle when plug or cap are not mated to the receptacle. The sealed solution (version “S”) has a compound at the rear of the receptacle as shown on the picture. The Sealed RJF TV has been successfully tested in very high vibration corresponding to airplane applications.

Características e Benefícios

* Same as the RJF TV series.
* A complete IP68 sealing of the receptacle (even with no plug or no protective cap mated) is added
* Outside dimensions are the same as the standard RJF TV series
* Vibrations: the compounded versions of the RJF TV have been tested in vibration following the NAS 1599 Aeronautic specification (Ambient temperature):
* 5 – 3000 Hz, 20g, 2,5 mm [.1 inch] double amplitude, 3 axes, 12 hours
* Note: this specification exceeds MIL-C-26500 requirements


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RJF TV – Transversally Sealed

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