Rack and Panel Connectors
Rack and Panel Connectors

Rectangular 38999 (R39)

The R39 provides high performance in the severe environment demands of military specifications. Its lower profile translates into a smaller space-saving footprint and the new rectangular orientation provides additional installation options. It’s also available in a high density, 127-pin contact version providing a wider range of engineering applications. It delivers the same reliable, familiar benefits found in our 38999 connector: effortless installation; blind push pull mating; extreme durability; quick mate and; “scoop-proof” recessed pin design. Using the same wide range of contacts, and the crimp and insert/removal tooling as 38999, it delivers just a little more.

Características e Benefícios

* Rectangular space savings
* Low profile
* High density 127 position inserts or mixed inserts with power, RF or fibre-optic available
* Blind mate
* Rugged
* Uses same contacts as standard 38999

Rectangular 38999 (R39)

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