Rack and Panel Connectors
Rack and Panel Connectors

R38-Hybrid Connectors

The R38 series is a hybrid connector using signal contacts and high speed contacts in a small rectangular package. The signal contacts can be either 23ga for micro D or 22ga for D-subminiature versions depending on the current required. The high speed contacts are typically size 8 or 12 for RF Coax, Concentric Twinax, Differential Twinax, Quadrax, Octonet and Fiber optics. The arrangements are varied and Amphenol will design to suit your needs, many are available now.

Características e Benefícios

* High performance rugged Blind Mate Connector

* Signal contacts M39029 or M83513

* Integrated RF Solutions for size and cost

* Quadrax /triax/twinax/coax can be designed into any rectangular package

* Contacts grounded to shell

* Integrated RF available on one side, standard on mate

* Many arrangements available!

R38-Hybrid Connectors

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