High-Speed Copper Contacts
High-Speed Copper Contacts

Quadrax Contacts

High Speed Quadrax Contacts consist of an outer contact with four inner contacts spaced to form two 100 or 150 Ohm controlled impedance differential pair. Both contacts, when used in Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and ARINC type connectors, provide an excellent option for harsh environment applications such as: Ethernet 100 Base-T-100 Ohm, Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base-T-100 Ohm, Fibre Channel-150 Ohm, IEEE 1394B FireWire-110 Ohm. Used in MIL-DTL-38999/EN3645, SIM/EN4165 and ARINC600 connectors.

Características e Benefícios

* Four strategically spaced inner contacts form two 100 or 150 Ohm matched impedance differential pairs
* Outer contact has rugged wall section for durability
* Available in size 8 crimp termination style
* Also available in size 8 with PC tails
* Certified EN3155-074 and -075 following the highest requirements

Quadrax Contacts

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