Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors | Thermometrics

The Thermometrics Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors are designed for industrial HVACR applications with the ability to mount directly to a metallic pipe. They consist of a NTC thermistor on a ceramic/metal shoe assembly seated in a polymer housing with flexible twin cable connections. The housing is fitted with a spring metal clip for pipe attachment. These sensors have been used in industrial applications for decades with a proven robust quality record in the field.

Características e Benefícios

* Ability to mount directly to a metallic pipe, no need to bore hole and seal while avoiding associated costs

* Responds quickly to changes in temperature, time constant 0.8-2.0 seconds by design

* Accurate temperature measurement, ±1.0°C (3% on resistance) at a specified reference temperature

* Application robust: 250,000 thermal cycles between 25 & 85 °C equating to 15 years life expectancy for a typical boiler

* Surface-mount configurations available

* Maximum continuous working temperature to +90°C

* Withstand Voltage, 750 Vac for a broadly sinusoidal wave form at 50Hz applied between the connector tabs and contact shoe, where the max allowable current is 1 mA


Pipe Clip Temperature Sensors | Thermometrics

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