High-Speed Connectors
High-Speed Connectors

Pegasus High Speed

PEGASUS High Speed brings an easy to use, lightweight, low-cost plastic circular connector to applications that have typically relied on heavier, more complicated, and more expensive, metal shell connectors. Supporting AS39029/90, /91, /113, /114 Twinax and ARINC600, ARINC404, AS39029/119, /120 Quadrax rear release, rear removable, size 8 style contacts, PEGASUS High Speed provides exceptional performance in tight spaces, with an efficient shell size 8(0.512”) outer diameter.

Características e Benefícios

* ARINC600 Twinax and Quadrax support
* Shell Size, 0.500″ Outer Diameter
* Ultralight 3.8 grams per mated pair ( connector only )
* Interfacial and Wire Seal Boots
* Integral boot termination lip
* Plated or Unplated versions available


Avionics C4ISR Commercial Aircraft Soldier Systems Space Unmanned Systems
Pegasus High Speed

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