Nano-Pegasus is a small, metal plated, plastic, easy to use connector designed specifically for sensing, and command and control applications where a Micro (M83513) or Nano D-sub (M32139) would be used. Nano-Pegasus provides exceptional performance in tight spaces, packing eleven high-grade contacts in a shell size 5 housing (0.325” outer diameter). High shock & vibration (300G), a wide operating temperature range (-65C to +175C), and IP67 sealing improve upon Micro & Nano-D performance, guaranteeing worry-free operation under severe operating conditions

Características e Benefícios

* 1a / 250v per contact, 2 to 11 positions
* Shell size 5 ( 0.325″ )
* Solder Cup, or Crimp style pigtail assemblies
* Polyethermide Housings (Ultem) is ½ the weight of aluminum & resistant to chemicals
* High Shock & Vibration (300G / 30G / 43G) for high stress applications, equivalent to D38999
* -65° C to +175° C Operating Temp allows use in non-pressurized, uncontrolled areas
* Interfacial & Wire Seal Grommets provides IP67 sealing, dust & moisture free operation
* Nickel over Copper metal plating provides 50 db EMI shielding, typical
* ¼ turn CAM lock, Bayonet style mating for reliable, easy to use, blind mate connections
* Integral boot lip means no added components for braid termination


C4ISR Commercial Aircraft Soldier Systems Space Unmanned Systems

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