Board Level Connectors
Board Level Connectors

NAFI Connectors

Amphenol’s NAFI connector products include multi-row, through-hole solder “blade” connectors and card extender connectors as well as press fit “tuning fork” backplane connectors. As with our other connector products, a high degree of flexibility is possible to meet specific density and layout requirements. Rugged, metal header bodies are custom-machined and include finishes such and anodizing and chromating. Amphenol’s NAFI connector technologies are tested and qualified to MIL-C-28859 and MIL-C-28754. The focal point of Amphenol’s NAFI backplane technology is the solderless “Dynamic Retention” gas tight, press-fit tuning fork contact design. Connector patterns containing multiple rows of contacts are easily produced and can include standard NAFI-style features such as guide pins and D- and V-shaped polarizing keys.

Características e Benefícios

* Temperature Range: -55°C to + 125°C
* Current Rating (Max): 3 amps (continuous)
* Voltage Rating (Min): 1,000 V (RMS) at 60 Hz
* Insulation Resistance (Min): 10,000 Megohms
* Contact Resistance (Max): 6 milliohms
* Contact-to-Backplane Retention Force (Min): 7.5 lb
* Contact Life (durability): 500 cycles
* Contact Engagement Force (6 ounce contact available): 2.25 ounce average
* Torque Resistance: 3 inch-ounces minimum


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NAFI Connectors

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