RF Connectors
RF Connectors

Multiport High Density Connectors

High Density Interfaces provide connectivity and maintainability with quick mate/de-mate of multiple cable assemblies. High performance M8 Multi-Port, Mini-Multi-Port (MMP) and BMB 38999 contacts fit standard and custom connector shell designs and provide broadband performance up to 40 GHz. These High Density Interconnect products have been developed to provide extended life and full performance in harsh environments. Sealing features are built into the contact interfaces and connector shells, providing redundant assurance of long-term performance in fielded systems that make them very popular in the military aerospace market.

Características e Benefícios

* Interchangeable connector front ends
* Drastically reduces panel space requirements for multiple connector outputs/inputs
* Minimize box installation clearances for connections
* Prevents cross connected cable assemblies
* Improves overall system maintainability
* Reduce costs and downtime associated with equipment installation and removal
* Eliminates the need to Torque or Lockwire individual connectors


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Multiport High Density Connectors

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