Moisture Sensor
Moisture Sensor

MMS2 Moisture Meter | Protimeter

The attachments aren’t just included, they’re built in.

The Protimeter MMS2 is the industry’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter. Its ergonomic, 4-in-1 design allows one-handed operation to measure moisture on and below the surface as well as ambient air humidity. An infrared thermometer which calculates the difference between dew point and surface temperature, is just one of the many advances designed to assess moisture in new/refurbishing projects and help diagnose moisture-related problems in existing buildings.

All Protimeter instruments have a two-year warranty.

Características e Benefícios

Pin moisture measurement

Pinless moisture measurement

Ambient relative humidity and temperature measurement

Equilibrium humidity measurement in concrete floors

Psychrometric calculations

Laser pointer surface non-contact temperature measurement

Data logging

Firmware upgradable



Full building moisture diagnostics

Fast responding hygrometer speeds up building surveys

No need to always plug in multiple accessories

Intuitive user interface with color screen


MMS2 Moisture Meter | Protimeter

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