MilTech Cable Assemblies

Times Microwave Systems MilTech cable assemblies have been designed and qualified to the harshest operating conditions and requirements of military aircraft. The product is vapor sealed to a level 1×10-5 cc/sec/ft to assure prevention of contamination ingress. A proprietary outer conductor design results in a product with exceptionally repeatable performance as needed for today’s demanding application of amplitude and phase-matched assemblies. The product line is complemented with a wide range of connectors that include all standard RF interfaces, self-locking variants that eliminate the need to lockwire, and a wide range of multiport connectors that include our M8, V8, and MMP families, along with contacts for M38999 and ARINC 600 connectors. TMS has hundreds of replaceable front-end designs compatible with all MilTech cable types that will solve nearly any installation problem.

Características e Benefícios

* Rugged Design
* Low Loss
* Frequency coverage to 50 GHz
* MTL variants for weight critical applications
* XR variants with coil support for applications requiring extra ruggedization


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MilTech Cable Assemblies

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