MediaTac Cable Assemblies

Amphenol FSI offers MediaTac harsh environment fiber optic active cable assemblies for oil & gas land seismic and military applications. Active cable assemblies allow equipment manufacturers to enjoy the advantages of fiber optics (lighter weight, longer distances, higher bandwidth, and EMI immunity) over copper without needing to redesign their external interfaces. The MediaTac supports bi-directional operation and can provide full duplex transport of 10/100 BaseT Ethernet over one single mode or multimode fiber.

Características e Benefícios

* Active plug eliminates system redesign when converting to fiber optic transport
* Extensive sealing and sacrificial anode allows the unit outdoor exposure indefinitely
* Supports simplex or full duplex transport over a single fiber
* Supports single mode or multimode fiber
* Auto-configurable 10/100 Base T
* Universal adapter plate allows straight cable entry or your choice of harsh environment connector types


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MediaTac Cable Assemblies

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