Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

LTX CPRI Cable Management – 1RU, Cable Manager, Tray

Integrated Cable Management with Cable management hooks included for routing individual fiber cables/jumpers.

Validating and debugging CPRI links between devices such as remote radio heads (RRH) and base band units (BBU) has become easier and less costly. The Amphenol Telect CPRI Interface Panels and Modules provide non-disruptive monitor ports to be installed between the Optical CPRI base band unit (BBU) and the remote radio head/active antenna, allowing Verizon Wireless cell operations and/or RF/System Performance Engineers to view and troubleshoot RF interference within the uplink Rx spectrum.

Amphenol Telect provides color-coded couplers for the terminations and a designation label to title the uplink/radio unit (UL & RU), downlink/digital unit (DL & DU) and monitoring terminations.

Amphenol Telect has color-coded fiber jumpers available in complete panel and module kits as well as in separate fiber jumper kits. Color codes are the standard blue, violet/pink, green, brown, yellow and white.

Product Number: LTX-CMP-1RU


Network Wireless & Broadband & DataCenter
LTX CPRI Cable Management – 1RU, Cable Manager, Tray

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