LimeLight SMPTE Compliant Assemblies

Amphenol FSI SMPTE 304M compliant (110 Series) fiber optic connectors and 311M compliant cable assemblies provide rugged and superior performance for broadcast applications. AFSI connectors and cable assemblies are designed for easy maintenance providing optimal optical performance. AFSI’s line of LimeLight cable assemblies use our SMPTE Standard 304M complaint connectors (110 Series) in concert with our optical expertise to deliver the broadcast industry’s most rugged fiber optic cable assemblies. The assemblies are sealed to prevent penetration of solids or liquids. AFSI offers its LimeLight cable assemblies in a variety of configurations. The assemblies are available in a plug/socket configuration or with SC, LC, FC, ST or expanded beam connectors. The fiber optic contacts are available in PC or Super PC polish.

Características e Benefícios

* SMPTE 304M compliant connectors, 110 Series
* SMPTE 311M compliant cable
* Hybrid (2-ch single mode + 2HV + 2LV)
* Push-pull self-latching mechanism
* Low insertion loss
* Flexible cable construction
* Excellent back reflection with optional Super PC polish


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LimeLight SMPTE Compliant Assemblies

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