Junction Modules
Junction Modules

Lightweight Ground Modules

Amphenol’s M81714-style Lightweight Grounding Modules are suitable for a wide variety of military and airframe power distribution and grounding system applications.  The two-hole flange mount provides a convenient footprint for mounting on airframe or vehicle frames, and provide up to 21 contacts in less than 1 square inch. High altitude operating specifications, low outgassing, and a high degree of salt spray resistance makes the modules suitable for space & near-space applications, as well as shipboard, naval rotorcraft or naval aircraft.

Características e Benefícios

* Proven polyethermide housing & ultrasonic welding techniques -ensure long life and high reliability through fewer voids and lack of bonding lines
* Triple riser sealing grommet and proprietary epoxy -ensure moisture sealing under all operating conditions.
* Aluminum alloy ground plate is electroless nickel plated, providing light weight and high strength with minimal galvanic corrosion
* Conform to the M81714/28-16, -20, and -22D specifications in all performance characteristics


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Lightweight Ground Modules

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