System Attachments
System Attachments

Lightening Bushings

Amphenol’s QuickSNAP Lightening Bushings are made to help guide wired bundles through the aircraft’s frame and stringers.  Unlike traditional lightening bushings, our products significantly reduce installation times and reduce the amount of foreign object debris (FOD).  The lightweight QuickSNAP’s are made with smooth edges in order to reduce wire chaffing, and although they are available in various standard configurations and sizes, customization is always an option.

Características e Benefícios

* Snap-In design makes it quick and easy to install—no tools are required
* No glue or other hardware is necessary— reduces FOD
* Made of lightweight material
* Smooth edges reduces wire chaffing
* Offered in two different designs – one piece or two pieces
* Custom variations are available upon request


Commercial Aircraft
Lightening Bushings

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