Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

LFD – Layered Fiber Demarcation Enclosure

The Layered Fiber Demarcation enclosure is designed for high-density fiber connectivity and splicing for indoor wall mount applications.

This compact demarcation fiber enclosure can accommodate SC and LC style adapters and mass fusion splice sleeve holders or splice trays for single-fiber splice sleeves. Incorporated in a layered, split-housing design are separate carrier and customer areas with individual security bolts and padlock hasps. The flexible enclosure layout enables a variety of splicing and patching combinations as well as cable entrance/exit ports top and bottom. Click here to view a short video which shows how easy it is to store ribbon fiber in the Layered Fiber Demarc Box.

Características e Benefícios

Two carrier cable entry ports – compression seals top and bottom

Two customer cable exit ports – rubber grommets top and bottom

Powder coated aluminum housing

Security bolts and provisions for padlocks provided for each housing layer/door

Configurations for ribbon and LBT cable types and splicing methods

Removable splice sleeve module(s) or splice trays

Cable sheath and strength member clamping

Splice side door label and individual adapter labeling

Easy wall mounting; template and hardware included

Grounding and ground feed-through options

Pre-installed adapters and 12 fiber single mode fanouts

Vertical and layered enclosure orientation allows for improved mounting flexibility and density


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LFD – Layered Fiber Demarcation Enclosure

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