Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

LCX Hinged 3RU Fiber Patch Panel – 72-Port Angled, LC/UPC

Get fiber patching and splicing with hinge benefits. Swing the hinged LCX bulkhead either direction for flexibility in confined spaces; rely on the angled adapter plates’ bend radius management and laser eye protection.

This is bulkhead-style fiber patching and splicing. With hinge benefits.

Now you can maneuver confined spaces in central offices, switches, or data centers while maintaining ultimate fiber protection. Install the hinged bulkhead to swing right or left— whichever direction your application requires. You’ll have easy bulkhead access even in the tightest environments. You’ll be ready to respond to build changes immediately.

Rely on the panels’ LGX®-compatible angled adapter plates for absolute bend radius management and advanced laser eye protection. Telect’s industry-leading integrated cable management comes standard.

Guaranteed for structural reliability and built to fit a standard footprint, LCX-H installs in any LGX®-compatible architecture. Scale the system to grow with your network.

Choose LCX-H for every network to realize ultimate fiber protection, space efficiency, and a responsive architecture.

Product Number: LCX-H3RU-01


Network Wireless & Broadband & DataCenter
LCX Hinged 3RU Fiber Patch Panel – 72-Port Angled, LC/UPC

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