Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

LCX 1RU Fiber Patch Panel – 288-Port Patch Chassis

Amphenol Telect designed LCX fiber splice panels and LCX fiber patch panels of various densities to suit network fiber splice, patching and routing requirements.

Interconnection and cross-connection cabling from above or below enter at the two front corners of each LCX panel via isolation hooks and/or radius control arcs (sold separately) installed on-site to suit the application and entry/exit direction.

Eight split arcs and 24 snap-in cable rings are standard with each panel. Amphenol Telect also offers optional kits (KIT-CMHOOK, KIT-CMRHOOK, KIT-CMARK) to satisfy cable management practices requiring multiple arcs or guide posts to separate and isolate groups of fiber cables.

1RU models have densities up to 24 fiber terminations. Instead of front or rear doors, 1RU panels have a removable sliding drawer that can be extended at the front or rear of the chassis to maximize access to fiber connections.

Pivoting arcs at corner entries and exits provide cable management. Entry and exit positions are compatible with entries and exits of other Amphenol Telect LCX panels.

Prodcut Number: LCX-P281L


Network Wireless & Broadband & DataCenter
LCX 1RU Fiber Patch Panel – 288-Port Patch Chassis

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