Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

IP-FX Housing

The Amphenol IP-FX is a sealed, outdoor feedthru housing that is designed to provide dust and water protection for assemblies mating to outdoor enclosures and transmission equipment. The IP-FX is suitable to protect several connector types including LC Duplex, RJ45, USB, and others.

The unique design of the IP-FX housing allows it to be supplied on factory terminated (tested cables) or field installed over existing cables such as LC Duplex or RJ45, making it an ideal solution for conversion from legacy systems to newer transmission equipment. IP-FX housing mates to equipment or enclosures that are pre-fitted with the FullAXS® -style receptacle, providing a water and dust sealed interface when mated. Applications include connection to Remote Radio Units (RRU/RRH), FTTA equipment and other outdoor systems.


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