Gas Sensor
Gas Sensor

Integrated electronics infrared gas sensor

SGX Sensortech announces their new range of user friendly infrared gas sensors. The integrated microprocessor linearizes and compensates for ambient temperature changes, giving a gas level output in digital or analogue form. These Infrared gas sensors are designed specifically for instrument applications within Mining, Automation and control, Industrial health and safety, Oil and gas and utilities.

Características e Benefícios

Methane and Carbon dioxide versions

Digital and Analog output of gas concentration

Linear Triple gas ranges with auto switch over between ranges.

High Resolution up to 10ppm,

Detection Level at 100ppm,

Factory calibrated for Methane or Carbon dioxide

Serial port communication

Low power consumption < 32mA (Average)
Easy implementation into Sensors Network

ATEX certified for use in Gas Hazardous locations

Development Evaluation Kit available including PC software for easy testing


Industrail Oil & Gas
Integrated electronics infrared gas sensor

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