Mil-Spec Derivatives
Mil-Spec Derivatives


The Iguana Series is fully intermateable and interchangeable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and provides an IP68 sealed interface offering an effective barrier against ingress of moisture and dust even while in its unmated condition. The automated manufacturing process ensures a reliable and repeatable sealing performance and stringent process controls eliminates the unreliability seen with potted solutions. They are also more cost effective than fully hermetic solutions and are fully galvanically compatible with mating connectors, whereas hermetic connectors have material limitations due to the manufacturing processes. The connectors are optimised for PCB mounting operations with features including low-profile designs limiting the penetration into the equipment, moulded stand-offs to aid soldering, inspection and cleaning and ground pins offering a low impedance shell to ground connection to increase the EMI performance at the equipment interface. The Iguana Series can be utilised across a multitude of applications including ground vehicles and earth moving equipment, and provides an IP68 sealed D38999 interface on equipment panels, radio systems, communication systems, data networks, control systems and display systems whether mated or unmated.

Características e Benefícios

* High environmental sealing and waterproof up to IP68 in both mated and unmated conditions
* Available in Black Zinc Nickel plating as standard with alternative plating finishes also available
* Pre-loaded with PCB contacts, saving time in assembly and ensuring correct alignment
* Low profile jam nut connector reduces both penetration into the box and weight
* Integrated moulded stand-offs allow PCB soldering, inspection and cleaning
* Integral ground pins


C4ISR Ground Sytems & Vehicles Space

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