Other Circulars
Other Circulars

High Integrity Data Interconnects

High integrity data interconnects are considered by anyone wanting to collect, gather or process data in a harsh environment. They offer low insertion loss and thereby avoid loss of data or signal. Martec offers compatiblity with various network cables e.g. Cat 5 or Cat 6 or for use on 100BaseTX / 1000BaseT / USB 3, including impedance matched co-axial interconnects. Martec can optimise the design for high pressure, up to 60,000psi, for testing temperature requirements and for low helium leak rates, using our hermetic technology.

Características e Benefícios

* High Integrity Data Interconnects
* Hermetic Coaxial Interconnects
* Hermetic USB Interconnects
* Hermetic Ethernet Interconnects
* Filtered connectors

High Integrity Data Interconnects

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