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HiD4 Cassette

The HiD4 is an industry leading high-density, miniature shelf mount cassette for passive applications such as splitters or CWDM MUX and DEMUX applications. The miniature HiD4 footprint provides full functionality with up to 14 front facing LC/APC or LC/UPC ports and its mounting is compatible with LGX® shelves. At approximately 3″ deep, and half the width of a single LGX module, this package provides significantly improved port density when compared with conventional LGX cassettes. The cassette’s unique housing design and increased port count available on the front faceplate of the device allows for port groupings by function, such as; commons and upgrades, wavelength channels and test/monitoring ports providing added versatility for the network architecture.

Características e Benefícios

Industry leading miniature packaging

LGX mounting compatible

Up to 14 LC ports on the faceplate enables design and configuration versatility

Front and side facing labels improve port identification

Port layout designed to optimize patch cord management

High channel isolation

Low insertion loss

Rugged metal housing

Wideband 1310nm express port

DWDM upgrade port available

Optional tests port

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HiD4 Cassette

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