Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Optic Solutions

FDE – Fiber Demarcation Enclosure

The Fiber Demarcation Enhanced Access enclosure is especially suited for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications. When the FDE indoor wall-mount enclosure is combined with products such as our HiD4 passives, fiber pigtails, splice tray adapter kits, and grounding options, you have a ready-made solution for a multitude of applications.

The Fiber Demarcation Enhanced Access enclosure has a low profile, side-by-side door design that provides an ideal environment for splicing and patching in indoor wall-mount applications. An integrated access door on the customer side of the enclosure provides a generous opening for a cleaning tool to reach the optical connectors resulting in a more craft-friendly design. The access door can be opened by-hand without the use of tools. This door is shown in the pictures below.

Características e Benefícios

Modular passive cassettes allow capacity to be scaled as needed

Access door on customer side allows easy cleaning tool access to optical ports

Two carrier cable entry ports with rubber grommets

Two customer cable exit ports with rubber grommets top and bottom for patchcord or multi-fiber cable exit

Grommet allows pigtails to be placed in the box after termination, one-at-a-time or as a group

Powder coated aluminum housing

Grounding and ground feed-through components

Security bolts and provisions for padlock hasps provided for both doors

Cable sheath clamps for carrier cables

Customer side port map label plus identification card enable clear designation for each port

Easy wall mounting; template and hardware included


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FDE – Fiber Demarcation Enclosure

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