Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor | Thermometrics

Thermometrics Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor measures evaporator core temperature in a vehicle’s HVAC system so that it doesn’t freeze over, preventing a costly repair. The ultra fast response time aids in the HVAC system efficiency by enabling the evaporator core to operate closer to 0°C without the risk of a freeze over condition.

Características e Benefícios

* Existing field-proven design

* Probe construction protects the thermistor from moisture

* Fast response time using geometry and materials optimized for maximum heat transfer

* Small size & flexible packaging facilitates installation & service

* Snap-fit housing eliminates wiring insulation damage and provides strain relief

* Long-term stability – proprietary silver migration controls

* Salt fog resistant

* Alternate RvT curves available

* Different geometries to meet package requirements available


Automotive Battery & Electric Vehicles Engines Exhaust Cleaning Safety & Security Systems
Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor | Thermometrics

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