ESATA 7P Plug to 7P Receptacle

ESATA 7P Plug to 7P Receptacle

Características e Benefícios

1. Transmission rate 6 Gbps.

2. Meet SATA 3.0 specification.

Mechanical Performance

1. Mating Force and Unmating Force

* Condition: EIA 364-13. Insert and extract at a speed of 12.5mm/minute.

* Mating Force: 40 N max.

* Unmating force: 10N Min.

2. Durability

* Condition: EIA 364-09. Mated and Unmated connector for 2500cycles at a rate of 500 cycles per hour. No physical damage and shall meet requirements of subsequent test.


ESATA 7P Plug to 7P Receptacle

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