Modular Connectors
Modular Connectors

EN4644 APeX Rectangular

A high density, rectangular, modular connection system designed for use in avionics systems conforming to the EN4644 technical specification and interchangeable with the Radiall EPX connector series. Plug and Receptacle housings are made of high-grade aluminum construction, and are available in panel, rack or cable-to-cable mounting styles. Housings accommodate a wide range of modules, where module is keyed to ensure proper orientation during installation. Housing-to-housing connectivity is assured using a center coupling screw, which may be a simple alignment feature or a multi-keyed jack screw and nut. Modules are made out of ULTEM, a rugged Polyethermide plastic which is highly resistive to chemicals, stable through temperature and humidity variation, and with FAA FAR25 approved flammability and toxicity characteristics. An interfacial seal provides module-to-module sealing when mated, ensuring IP67 level performance. Typical applications include wing actuators, power generation and control, Ethernet distribution networks, electronic load management systems, and galleys.

Características e Benefícios

* Precision machined housings
* Silicone Elastomer interfacial seal and wire seal grommets provide IP67 sealing.
* Multiple module types for power, signal and control applications
* Rack & Panel, Inline cable and PCB mount styles.
* Blind-Mate Connection – Guide pin feature enables quick and simple mating
* Wide operating temperature range -65C to 175C
* EN4644 Conformance
* Intermateable & Interchangeable – Ability to mate with Radiall EPX and other EN4644 implementations


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EN4644 APeX Rectangular

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