Fiber Optic Connectors
Fiber Optic Connectors

EN4165 / SIMTac for MTAC Connectors

Amphenol Air LB offers a wide range of optical modules fitted different standards of fiber optic termini or optical connectors. The module SIMTac can be used with the whole range of EN4165 / SIM connectors. MTAC connector directly plugs and locks itself into the module. It can be easily removed for repair.

Características e Benefícios

* SIM module for 2 MTAC connectors
* MTAC connectors are fitted with MT ferrules as per IEC 61754-5
* To be assemble on but-joint or lensed MT ferrule
* 2 versions available : unlocking from the front (MTAC-01) or from the rear (MTAC-02)
* Removal from the rear for both versions


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EN4165 / SIMTac for MTAC Connectors

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