Modular Connectors
Modular Connectors

EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)

EN4165 / SIM is a modular, multifunctional composite rectangular connector. It consists of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Its flexibility and simplicity during design and operation, makes SIM a competitive alternative for a wide range of applications.

Características e Benefícios

* Military & Commercial Aerospace specification for rectangular modular connectors
* Space efficient & modular design
* SIM modules in overmold technology
* Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), fiber optics, signal & power
* Available in standard mono, 2 & 4 bay, or custom configurations
* EN4165 specification is comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance
* Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853


Avionics C4ISR Commercial Aircraft Ground Sytems & Vehicles Military Aircraft Naval Space Unmanned Systems
EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)

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