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ECTA 133 Push-Pull Connectors

The ECTA 133 Connector, with a push-pull locking system, can be used in areas where one must connect securely and blindly. It is especially suitable for internal areas in tanks, shelters, industry, rail, device and vehicle construction and diagnostics. This series offers many special versions, such as brass or stainless steel, for high environmental requirements. Increased connector cycles, pressure-proof sockets, and LWL contacts are available with many pole arrangements.

Características e Benefícios

* Metal push-pull connector as per EN 61984 and UL in solder-crimp or single solder versions
* Temperature use range: from -40° to +125°C; IP66/67
* Series 1331: Connector with pre-mating ground contact
* 3 and 5-pole
* 15-125 A
* Series 1332: 3-41 contacts
* 5A (stamped, rolled contacts) 7.5A (machined contacts)
* Quadrax contacts


Ground Sytems & Vehicles Naval
ECTA 133 Push-Pull Connectors

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