Mil-Spec Derivatives
Mil-Spec Derivatives

Dualok Interconnect System

Dualok is an enhanced anti-decoupling mechanism that can be used on virtually any cylindrical plug connector and backshell. The Dualok Interconnect System greatly improves electrical performance in harsh environments while providing a size and weight savings when compared to standard connectors in the same class. Dualok technology is applied to the plug connector and backshell only and will mate with standard receptacles. 

Características e Benefícios

* Better shell-to-shell conductivity
* Assures EMI protection at high frequencies
* Extreme vibration capabilities at wide temperature range
* Enhanced corrosion protection with composite materials
* Lightweight, hybrid composite/metal design
* Smaller footprint/space savings


Commercial Aircraft Ground Sytems & Vehicles Military Aircraft Missiles & Missile Defense Space Unmanned Systems
Dualok Interconnect System

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