DisplayPort to DisplayPort

DisplayPort to DisplayPort

Características e Benefícios

1.Higher performance than dual link DVI, total data rate 10. 8Gbps

2.Available audio and video for multi-function monitors

3.Embedded clock

4. Connector enables support for DVI and HDMI via simple adapter

5. Enables new “Direct Drive” monitor category

6. Enable greater integration on both sides of the interface to reduce the cost of digital displays

7. Provide scalable performance in terms of resolution, color depth, and refresh rate over fewer wires to support emerging display needs, such as scalable lanes (1-4) for direct drive LCD panel integration

8. Auxiliary channel(1Mbps) enables new user features, for example as transfer channel of voice chatter, VoIP, game control and camera video

9. Available content protection supports high definition movie viewing

10. Enable a common interface approach across both internal and external display connections

11. Enable an extensible, open industry standard without IP (intellectual property) barriers

12. Offer max 3m cable at high bit rate 2.7GHz and max 15m cable at low bit rate 1.62GHz

Mechanical Performance

Mating Force and Unmating Force

* Condition: EIA 364-13. Insert and extract at a speed of 25mm/minute.


* Mating Force: 44. 1 N maximum.

* Unmating Force(no latches): 9. 8N(1.0kg) min,39. 2N(4. 0kg) max



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