Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DAT) | Thermometrics

Thermometrics Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DAT) is used to measure the temperature of the air that is emitted from a vehicle’s air ducts. This temperature reading is fed back to the control module, and the system compares this temperature reading to what the occupant of the vehicle has the temperature set at on the air conditioning system. The control module calculates the temperature delta and automatically adjusts the HVAC system to minimize this temperature difference.

Características e Benefícios

* High accuracy and long term stability

* Fast response time

* Small size & flexible

* Integral connector

* “Fir-Tree” or “Twist-Lock” for fast installation & easy service

* The parts passed 2000 hour + submersion test

* Alternate RvT curves available

* Different geometries to meet package requirements


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Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DAT) | Thermometrics

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