Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Boards

Daughter PCBs

A Printed Circuit Board consisting of multiple layers that contains components and devices that are the “brains” that process data and functionality. Categorized by single stage bond, conventional drilling and plating technology.

Características e Benefícios

* Multilayer up to 40+ layers
* Wide range of laminate options including high reliability/temperature, low loss and lead-free laminates
* Mixed dielectric (hybrid) constructions
* RF and microwave circuits
* Heavy copper and thermal management solutions
* Embedded components
* Ease of assembly as circuit 1 and 1,000 are built with the same tooling guaranteeing reproducibility
* Surface finishes are compatible with traditional “leaded” assembly and higher temperature “lead-free” processing
* Wide range of material selections to suit the design from power to high-speed (56gb) applications
* High performance materials for high speed digital applications
* Blind and or Burried-Via’s allow for higher-density component routing
* Sequential lamination allows for increased functionality and more complex components
* Mix of technologies for Through-Hole and Surface Mount technologies

Daughter PCBs

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