Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHT) | Thermometrics

The Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor is designed to take the place of one of the cylinder head bolts on a diesel engine. The sensor’s purpose is to measure the cylinder head temperature and to signal the vehicle’s operator if an engine overheats (that is, if an engine over-temperature is taking place). The engine will be in danger of permanent damage if it continues to run at an elevated temperature.

Características e Benefícios

* High accuracy and long term stability @ 185°C

* Fast response time

* Cable designed to maintain flexibility in high vibration applications such as small diesel engines

* Pigtail leaded design

* Field proven design

* Alternate RvT curves available

* Different geometries to meet package requirements

* Other resistance and beta values available

* Insulation Resistance: > 100Mohm @ 500 VDC

* Withstand Voltage: 1500 VAC for 1 second


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Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHT) | Thermometrics

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