Filtered & Sealed Circular
Filtered & Sealed Circular

Circular Filter Adapters

Filter adapters present an effective and economical method of introducing EMI/EMP protection to an existing system. Filter adapters are available to intermate with all the popular MIL-Specs. Installation of the adapter is quick and efficient, requiring no tools, fixtures or extended downtime. Simply un-mate the existing cable harness from the receptacle; attach the coupling nut to the receptacle on the unit; then mate the cable harness to the receptacle side of the adapter.

Características e Benefícios

* Planar technology from the industry’s leader in circulars
* Filter products
* MOV or diode capability for transient protection
* Wide range of tooled patterns
* Space qualified components (upon request)
* Available in D38999 series I, II, III, and 26482
* Connects to existing plug and receptacle


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Circular Filter Adapters

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