Card Readers

Over the past 20 years, Amphenol has developed an extensive range of SIM and micro SD card readers which come in several different configurations including Simlocks, wing and bridge blocks, standard sim and SD blocks, with or without shielding protection, with or without integrated detect switch, float or SMT mounting. More recently, Amphenol has also engineered combined versions of sim and microSD connectors, featuring EMI shielding, tray with push-eject, push-pull or push-push mechanism, and integrated detect switches. Those are developed under Amphenol specific modular system which allows high design flexibility, fast time to market, and high reliability by assembling pre-existing mass production components into a customized shield. This modular concept also permits combination of sims and SD cards such as 2+1, 3 chose 2, 3 in line, etc…


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Card Readers

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